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FSC COVID-19 Instructions

Financial Services Center, Inc. remains open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, however we have changed how we will be meeting and completing tax returns with our clients. We are limiting traffic in the office to minimize our staff and clients risk of covid exposure. 

If you are feeling ill, please do NOT come into the office or drop off the paperwork until you are well. Face masks are required at the office and we ask our clients to sanitize their hands prior to entering the building. 

Please read below our FAQs below regarding the COVID procedures this year and please reach out to the office at (845) 876-1919 should you have any questions. 

Q.  I always meet with an accountant in the office in person, can I still have a tax meeting with my accountant? 

A. Yes, you can still have a meeting with your accountant, however this year we are offering Virtual Webex meetings, as well as conference calls with the accountants to facilitate these meetings. In person meetings will be offered only if technology isn’t available or convenient in your situation. Please call the office to setup your appointment. 

Q. How do I get my tax documents to you if I don’t want a meeting?

A. FSC has installed a large secure locked drop box by the front building near the door. Documents can be placed in the box and are picked up by FSC during the day.  

As always, you can scan (email or Secure Portal), mail or fax to (845) 876-0651 your documents. If you do not have access to the FSC Secure Portal via our website, please call the office and we can invite you to the portal where you can upload your documents directly to us. 

If there are follow up questions or items missing, an accountant or office staff will follow up accordingly. 

Q. How will I complete my required FSC paperwork if I am mailing, faxing  or dropping off my documents? 

A. Upon receipt of documents or scheduling of a Webex or conference call meeting, office staff will send via DocuSign an engagement letter and the tax questionnaire to complete electronically. Once complete, you will receive a copy and it will automatically be forwarded to the office. 

When it is time to sign off on your e-file forms and review your tax return, FSC will send you a copy and the e-file forms to review via DocuSign for your e-signature. You will have to answer a few security related questions in order to confirm your identity and sign. An email will be sent to taxpayer and spouse (if applicable). 

Q. I want to drop off payment or a tax document my accountant needs. Can I come in the building? 

A. If you need to process a payment, you can call the office and pay over the phone, or pay online. If you need to come in, please announce yourself at the INTERCOM on the front side of the building by the sidewalk. Someone will answer and let you know if it’s okay to come in. 

Q. How will I get my tax papers back that I dropped off? Will I get a hard copy of my tax return?

A. Your tax documents and tax return will be mailed to you upon completion. Tracking information for mail is retained at the office. 

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