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Life Insurance

Protecting your family.

Life Insurance

The prospect of planning for your family's life insurance needs may seem daunting.  The array of confusing products available, coupled with the calculations needed to find the right amount of insurance can be complex and frightening.  Yet, the hard fact is that life insurance is an essential part of your family's financial well-being. 

You should review your life insurance needs each time you have a major life event.  Here's what you need to think about to properly plan your life insurance needs.

  • Do you need life insurance?
  • How much life insurance is appropriate for you?
  • What type of life insurance should I buy and what's the difference?
  • Where should I go to make sure I have the right life insurance?


Protecting your business.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is a particular type of life insurance taken out by a company, on one of it's "key" employees, in which the company is the beneficiary of the policy.  Key person insurance is a relatively new phenomenon.  It has attracted much praise and is encouraged by many business advisors.

Buy/Sell Life Insurance

Buy/Sell insurance is one of the best ways to assure the continuation of your business in the event of a partner's death.  Insurance benefits are paid to surviving partners so they may buy out the deceased's share of the business ensuring it's survival.  The buy/sell business insurance is generally accompanied by a buy/sell agreement. 


We have professionals that can help you obtain the right life insurance or review your current life insurance to make sure your family is propertly protected.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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